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GVantage help their clients to recover the VAT refunds that they are entitled to. VAT is basically a sales tax. It’s a tax paid for the “value added” to an item, from production to final delivery to the consumer. Firms offering VAT reclaim services offer an initial consultation, free of cost, to clients. After assessing a client’s income and their eligibility, VAT specialists advise them about the entitlements they are eligible for. These firms usually charge a percentage of the funds recovered after VAT reclaim as their fees.

GVantage Provides Services In Dynamic Currency Conversion, Retail Foreign Exchange, Multi-Currency Pricing, Expense Management Services, Tax Refunds, Global Payment Solutions, Asset Finance, International Money Transfer & Business Foreign Exchange.

Big Advantages

  • Free your self from hassle of hiring, training and retaining non-core staff like accountants and their assistants
  • Minimizing fixed cost and overheads including Allowances, Recruitment and Training expenses, space, printing and stationary as well as Computers and other equipment by the staff
  • Avoid serious errors/mistakes by obtaining services of highly qualified and experience professionals at affordable costs

This allows the clients in costs savings, reduced overheads, efficiency improvements, operational control, Staffing flexibility & business continuity

Value Added Services

Personal or Corporate Bank Account Opening is a Value Added Service for which GVantage do not charge anything extra. Worldwide Management Solution is dealing with all Top Local Banks depending upon the client’s requirement and as per the Banks Minimum Average Balance Maintenance


How can we help you ?

VAT Reclaim and Return Filing

  • Review of accuracy on all adjustments such as bad debts, credit notes, and errors from previous returns .
  • Review of input VAT on all expenses and their correct VAT treatment to ensure successful claim.
  • Review of supplies under reverse charge mechanism to correctly record VAT obligation .
  • Calculate Net Tax Liability/Refund Obtain refund from the FTA Prepare to all queries from tax authorities

VAT Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Conduct practical workshop on Implementing VAT (Treatment of Sales, Purchases, Imports & Exports, Capital Assets, Real Estate Transactions,   Transactions with Designated Zones & Inter-GCC Transactions)
  • Advise & Support on VAT Bookkeeping and record keeping (VAT on input, output & other transactions)
  • Accounting for Assets Review accounting software and chart of accounts Help maximizing of VAT input tax credit on purchases & expenses .
  • Identify opportunities to minimize VAT leakage and cash flow optimization strategies
  • Addressing technical queries from the business

Why Choose GVantage ?

  • We provide  dedicated personalized and Senior Tax Expert Support
  • We bring international experience from VAT implementation in the UK
  • We  provide quality value addition in a  cost effective manner

At  GVantage, we understand the importance of individuality required for each organisation to manage their tax process. We help build tailored VAT solutions, thereby helping our clients achieve their strategic ambitions. 

GVantage Tax Reclaim Accounting & Bookkeeping is a specialist tax reclaim and accounting firm registered in the UAE.  We have the scale to meet our clients changing needs, alongside the insight and agility that helps them stay one step ahead.

Our multinational team of tax specialists and chartered accountants have profound knowledge and understanding of local and international tax environments. Backed by extensive industry experience, we provide cost effective personalized solutions for businesses to comply with all VAT reclaim and accounting related requirements on time, while minimizing costs and errors, reducing risk of penalties & fines, streamlining procedures and optimizing cash flow.

Gvantage is headed by Faisal Ahmed, a British National who is a qualified chartered accountant, bringing 18+ years of experience in the field of accounting, taxation and regulatory compliance. He has worked for almost two decades with PwC London, KPMG and HSBC Middle East in the past.  Faisal is one of the leading experts in VAT in the UAE, and he is spearheading the VAT success story at AKW by helping make a number of organisations in the UAE VAT compliant through the provision of best services in VAT claim liability computation, accounting and bookkeeping.

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